It has been almost 95 years since a cartoon character named Mickey Mouse saw the light of day. 

95 years in which he became an icon, if not the art figure of the globe, and together with the Coca-Cola logo the world's most famous symbol of the American way of life. 

On 18 November 1928, Mickey Mouse enters this world, in Walt Disney's and his partner Ub Iwerks' animated film "Steamboat Willie", one of the first animated films in history set to music. 

It was the time of American Prohibition, people were craving for pleasures, for excess.

In 1925 Josephine Baker offers her banana dance for the first time and down in the stalls the dancers twist to the Charleston. 

No, this mouse with its anarchic features is not a counter design, it breathes the spirit of the times and mixes it up.

In Germany, the first Mickey Mouse stories appeared in the "Kölnische Illustrierte Zeitung" as early as 1930. 

A postcard from the early 1930s shows the mouse smoking and drinking, accompanied by a text that reflects the dissolute, unbridled zeitgeist of those years:  

"Little Mickey Mouse is very merry

And drinks until she's down".

When the wave of Disney short films sweeps into Germany, it triggers an unimagined boom. For weeks, the cinema showings of the 50 Mickey Mouse films are sold out, and they pass through the Reich's film inspection office until - in a kind of protest against the Nazi empire - Disney decrees a halt to deliveries in 1935. 

This anarchic "original mouse" inspired Carsten Rundholz to create his sensational spring/summer collection......a homage to the Mickey of the early years.

 Provided with typical RUNDHOLZ details,

modified prints and handmade finishes, the collection clearly shows the hand of the exceptional designer! 

Our motto for the summer:

"If you can imagine it, you can do it."

(Walt Disney)

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